We solve logistical problems through Smart Lockers

Through our technology, any locker can be transformed into a Smart Locker 

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Benefits of Having a Smart Locker

Last Mile

The Last Mile Delivery cost counts for about 23% to 51% of the cost of shipping. Our Smart Lockers can be the intermediary to ensure that deliveries can be made to the customer quicker and at a lower cost.

Fully Customizable

We can customize our lockers to suit your needs. We can customize our lockers to receive deliveries, to store your belongings at an event, for use in academies and universities, and so on. 


Our fully secure environment and data security enables you to receive your deliveries or store your belongings without any worries.

For Delivery Companies

We provide the best delivery experience for your customers by reducing returns and unsuccessful deliveries caused by incorrect addresses or delivery difficulties at the desired location.

Using our internet of Things enabled lockers will ensure the best environment for your customers to receive their orders.



of customers have delivery problems

Billion Spent Annually on Delivery


of delivery cost is spent in last mile

Lower your costs

Offer convenience and lower delivery costs to your customers

For Businesses

Eliminate the complexity of keys and turn your lockers into Smart Lockers.

This solution can be used for lockers in Academies, Universities, Airports, Buses, Shopping Centers and Events among others.



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API Integration

Already have a system in place or an application that your users already use? Through our API, we can integrate our technology into yours so you don’t need another application to use our Smart Lockers.

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